Help Change the World One
Good Deed (and Bead) At a Time

Published on March 7, 2014

Mary Fisher has spent many years as a Special Representative
of the United Nations, traveling the globe and working to assist those
most affected by poverty, violence, and AIDS. Partnering with
vulnerable women in Africa and around the world for the last decade,
Fisher has designed jewelry made by the women to help them earn a
dignified livelihood. Her latest project? Creating the 100 Good Deeds
Bracelet to encourage an international movement for positive change.
The bracelet, which comes in a variety of colors, is both a call to do good
deeds and a strategy to empower women, and has launched a worldwide
100 Good Deeds movement.


Handcrafted from fine, braided nylon and unique glass beads, the bracelet reminds you to assist others in need, even when it isn’t convenient for you. Every time you perform a good deed, move the ring one bead closer toward the “1GD” button until 100 Good Deeds are completed. A “good deed” means you’ve gone out of your way to help someone, and only counts if it remains anonymous. The bracelet serves as a reminder to pay it forward, and has already found ambassadors in celebrities like Katie Holmes and Naomi Watts.


The collection of bracelets is available now, just in time for International Good Deeds Day on March 9th, an event that celebrates acts of kindness on a global scale. The best part? 100% of sales proceeds are reinvested in the 100 Good Deeds Program, and you can pick one up for just $30 on


—Kelsey Glein

… the bracelet reminds you to assist others in need, even when it isn't convenient for you.






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